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If you find an injured bird or one you might think is orphaned, give us a call or a wildlife facility in your area. 

In the mean time, please put the bird in a dark, warm, dry box. This is ​the best thing you can do for the bird and is the first treatment for shock.

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Birds brought to our center are examined and evaluated by our licensed staff to determine how best to proceed with medical care and rehabilitation. Using experience and established wildlife protocols,

our treatment begins in an ICU setting. Injuries requiring equipment and skills we cannot provide are treated by local veterinarians. Once stabilized, the patient will be moved out of the

ICU for rest, recovery, and preparation for release back to the wild.

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The time that each bird needs to recover in captivity varies from days to months. Once a bird has gained back its strength and is given a clean bill of health, it is ready to go back to the wild. SFRC releases animals into safe and compatible environments, taking into consideration the specific needs of

the species, including food and water sources, migratory patterns, and original habitat.

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If you would like to help us continue to provide aid to these animals, please consider donating. We would not be able to do our work without contributions. 

Thank you for helping us help these amazing animals!


Each bird in rehab is in a secure location with limited contact to keep them as wild as possible.

Each bird takes $3-$15 depending on the animal whether it be their size, species, or age. Babies cost more because they are eating at least double what an adult would. Please consider donating to help us get these animals fed and back to the wild where they belong.

Thank you. 

“Beauty appears when something is completely and absolutely and openly itself.”

Deena Metzger