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Jan 1-31


We give our birds the month of January off to prepare them for the coming year after working so hard. Please check back with us to see what events we will have later on. Thank you for your understanding

Rough-Legged Hawk

One of the newest birds we have received is a juvenile Rough-legged Hawk. He came to us with a broken wing. The surgery was done by Dr. Ramsey and was a success! These arctic birds migrate from Alaska and Canada in the winter, but are rarely seen as far south as New Mexico. These birds will stay though the winter and migrate back north in the spring. We are unsure if he will recover fast enough to be released in time for migration. If he does not make it, we will have to keep him over the summer and release in the fall when they are seen in this state again. His food will cost $5/day. Please consider helping us out by donating. Thank you!

Golden Eagle

This golden eagle came from the Farmington area. He was hit by a car and suffered a broken beak and head trauma. After a lot of thought about the best way to approach the repair to his beak, Dr. Ramsay repair his beak and he is now eating on his own. We are very hopeful for a full recovery. While in our care he will cost $10/day to feed! If you would like to help, please consider donating. Thank you!

After being fostered by Ms. Puffs, this Great Horned Owl was released at IAIA.

Volunteer Nirankar Ambriz Releasing the Owl 

Golden Eagle Gets a Second Chance

Rehabilitation of James Dean

SFRC nursed a golden eagle back to life, giving it

a second chance for a "wild" life. He was almost killed after being  electrocuted by power lines near the White Sands Missile Range.

James Dean's Release

Actor Wes Studi teams with veterinarian Kathleen Ramsay, who volunteers her time and resources to SFRC, to release James Dean into the Rio Grande Gorge. Nursed back to health he has now taken to the sky near Taos.

(Video by Joan Livingston of The Taos News)

Powerful Talons

James Dean gets a new bandage on his damaged talon.